Now you can save hundreds of dollars per month while increasing employee retention?

One of the many things that most employees look for 
in a job is benefits. If you have employees and their
spouses who feel this way, you could be at risk of
losing them to a competitor that offers a better benefits

As you are probably aware, replacing an employees is
expensive. A recent study states that to replace a lower
paid employee it costs 16% of their annual salary or
$3,328 for a $10 an hour employee. For a mid-range
employee, the cost is 20%, so for a $40,000 per year
employee the cost is $8,000. If you have a
highly-compensated employee the cost could be as high
as 213%, so to replace a $100,000 employee it could
​cost $213.000.

With that in mind, has your company investigated ways to provide a benefits package that is competitive?

In most cases, you are probably saying that the company cannot  afford the current program you have today, let alone add new benefits. We have clients who have said the same thing. But, you must first ask yourself, how do you know if you are currently getting the best value for the premiums that you are paying for? 

If you have not looked at an objective comparison of all the plans available, you may not have the most cost-effective program for your employees. Also, did you know that there are programs that could possibly reduce your current benefits costs and others that can reduce your payroll taxes without increasing your current costs?

The Legacy Benefits & Insurance Services team works with our employers to develop a cost effective program that will help you with employee recruitment and retention.

Our first step is to create a custom “Market Analysis Report” for your company.  In this report, we will compare the premiums from all the major carriers in the state to see if you are getting the best value for the premiums paid. If you are not receiving the value that you thought your were, we can discuss your options. These options might include programs that change how you fund your benefits. 

In addition, we can look at adding benefits that can are funded by the employees but reduce the employer’s payroll taxes and workers’ comp premiums.

You may be asking why you haven’t heard of these programs before? Well, to be honest, most brokers only suggest these options to their larger clients because it takes more effort and requires more staff to handle it.

Legacy Benefits & Insurance Services takes a different approach with small employers. We not only show them how to take advantage of the government programs, like larger employers, but we also provide the benefits  communication process that the larger employer’s HR department normally handles.

Contact us today to see if you qualify for a Free Market Analysis.

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